Top 5 Ways to Overcome Homesickness When Traveling


When traveling, it is evident that we miss our friends, family members and the surroundings we are used to. The feeling of “just wanting to go home” fills us making it difficult for us to live in a new environment and embrace a different culture. However, staying positive is the key. Below are five proven strategies that will help you get through the low points while away from home.

1. Be Patient  
When you are experiencing homesickness, wanting personal space or even facing difficult situations, always be patient. Take time to understand why you have that feeling and know that you will eventually feel better. Look at it as an opportunity to pull yourself together and recollect on what you are learning. It might take time for you to feel better, however, remain focused on why you are there, and it will be easy for you.

2. Maintain a positive attitude
It might be difficult but remember a conscious effort goes a long way. All your friends and family members are proud of you; you should also be proud of yourself. At times you may feel sick, lonely, lost, overwhelmed or even confused, but knowing and expecting these feelings will help you deal. Try to think positively by reminding yourself of how much you have achieved and how successful you are.

3. Have enough time for yourself
Due to culture shock and feeling uncomfortable in unfamiliar environments, we usually long to get back home. However, treating and rewarding yourself as much as you can help you deal with the homesickness. You can book a private room with fast Wi-Fi, a hot shower, and air conditioning. Buy your favorite snacks, download your favorite TV shows and enjoy your day. Later on, you can hit the gym, go for a massage or relax in the park. All this will bring a sense of normality into your life.

4. Embrace the new place and make it your own
This is the best way to cope with homesickness is embracing and creating a support network in the new place. Feel free to interact with the local community and make new friends whether at the café, hostel or park. They will help you cope with the feeling by making you feel at home or even offering some helpful advice.

5. Document your trip
Writing about your experiences will help you deal with these low points. Whether it is compiling a running blog, adventure newsletters or simply keeping a short journal to vent, it will be a great way of expressing your experiences and even hardships to your friends and family members back home. As well remember to buy some gifts for your loved ones. Through this selfless deed, you will feel more reconnected to them which will help lift your mood.