Tips On Being The Best Couch Surfing Guest and Host


Couch surfing is a breakthrough innovation, which allows travelers to share homes with other travelers. This gives an opportunity for hosts to meet new guests every year. Couch surfing is not just an ordinary place for guests to stay. It allows hosts to meet like-minded guests so that they can share good experiences during the stay. If you are a budget traveler, couch surfing is a perfect chance to find a free place to stay. However, before you start signing up as a couch surfer, it is important you know that you will become a successful couch surfer when you are a good host. Here are some tips on becoming the best couch surfing guest.

Ask about house rules
Asking about house rules is the best way for guests to know if the host is a good choice for them or not. This will give you a good idea on what you can do and not, including what time you are supposed to enter the apartment in the evening and go to bed.

Come with a gift
We all love being surprised with gifts, especially if you are letting a guest stay in your apartment for free. If you are a guest, don’t forget to bring a gift for your host. It’s a good way to show your appreciation for their kindness. It doesn’t have to be an expensive gift, just keep it simple and unique. You can bring them a unique bottle of wine or food as a gift. Remember that the best couch surfing guest is the one who is generous and not selfish.

Offer to cook and clean up
If you are a good cook, this is a perfect opportunity to impress your host with your cooking skills. Offer to cook for them during the evening, when they are probably tired and need some help in the kitchen. Make sure you cook a healthy vegetarian meal that everyone can enjoy as you get to know each other better. Afterwards, you can offer to clean up. This will create a positive impression about you to the host.

After couch surfing, the guest is supposed to leave a positive reference as a thank you note. Don’t make the host beg you to write a reference for them. Do it as soon as possible.

Tips on being the best couch surfing host

A couch surfing host is someone who will be offering their homes as a free accommodation to other couch surfers. You will get a request from guest via the website, and you have to accept or reject their request. As a host, your responsibility is to offer a wonderful experience to the guests you chose to take in. Here are some tips to become the best couch surfing guest.

Know how the selection process works
If a couch surfing guest is looking for a place to stay, he will browse through the list of couch surfing hosts in your city. Therefore, they will look at the host’s references, profile picture and other comments on the profile page before choosing a host. As couch surfing host, you need to have many selections from potential couch surfers so that you can have a wide selection to choose from.

Post your house rules on the website
If you like keeping your home tidy, you can have it written as your house rules and post it on the website. You can include dos and donts regarding whether you like having pets in your home or not and how many guests you can host at a time.

Be honest
Remember that potential guests are looking to stay with people who are trustworthy and honest. Therefore, keep your information as accurate as possible, including your profile picture. Don’t exaggerate your interests so that you can seem like an awesome guest.

Keep your place tidy
It is always a good thing for hosts to create a positive first impression. Keep your place tidy so that your guest can find it neat. You can vacuum clean the carpet, wash the sheets, and throw away unnecessary items. Do this at least one day before the guest arrives.

Leave a reference
As a host, you need to leave a reference for your guest. It could be a simple but sweet goodbye note that will let others know about your experience. Don’t be afraid to write a negative reference if you did not enjoy your experience with the guest.

Check out this advice before you make your trip!