How to Travel With a Pet


There are several factors you should keep in mind so that you can carry your pet safely and with the least amount of discomfort for them while you take your vacation. For instance, if you would like to travel with your pet, it is necessary for you to do enough research and know what is expected of you from the company your flying with while traveling with the pet. Also, depending on the destination, it is necessary for you to research and know the restrictions you will be faced with on their end. Obviously, if you are traveling to a destination where certain breeds of pets are restricted, you want to find that out well in advance to avoid the terrible inconvenience should you be stopped in the airport upon arrival.

So let’s take care a look at a few things to keep in mind:

  • You’ll have to pay a carry-on pet charge:
    There are different charges you will incur by various airlines when traveling with your pet. You should always seek to pay the charges while you are buying your ticket. Different airlines will charge different rates; it is incumbent upon you to carry out enough research and compare the services of each airline in order to assure you the best deal and safety of your animal.
  • Provide a health certificate:
    Obviously, you will not be allowed to travel with a sick pet since it can lead to a spread of disease-causing bacteria that may infect people or pets in the area where you are traveling. You should plan early and have all the tests and/or vaccines carried out on your pet so that you will have the necessary certificate in hand when you are asked to prove that your pet is healthy enough and up-to-date on vaccines to travel.
  • Check whether the destination allows carrying a pet:
    There are some destinations where you will not be cleared to enter if you are coming with your pet. To avoid embarrassments and major inconveniences, it is necessary for you to carry out enough research to learn whether the destination you are planning to travel will allow you to tour their country with your particular pet.
  • Heat and cold restrictions:
    It is necessary for you to learn the climate of your destination when traveling so that you will know whether you are about to carry your pet into a conducive environment. Pets don’t always acclimate as well as their owners. It is necessary for you to check out the highs and lows of the temperature, as well as the altitude so that you can avoid cases where you will carry your pet in an environment which will affect its breathing, among other things.┬áIf you find it is too difficult to travel with your pet, you might consider taking them to a pet sitting service or kennel before you leave. Just make sure you know your pet and if it is able to handle being in a small cage for the duration of your vacation.

Take a look at the video we’ve included for additional tips: