How to Dress Like a Local in Paris


Paris is recognized as one of the great fashion hubs in the world. Several iconic trends seem to emanate from Paris on a weekly basis, and French men and women, especially those from Paris are viewed as models of style. This implies that traveling to Paris can get intimidating at times. However, figuring out how to dress like Paris 
locals is a big step to not feeling like a complete foreigner in Paris.

Like in any other big city, one would expect to wear whatever they like in Paris and be seen as a trendsetter or get away with it. Unfortunately, Paris is known as the city of style, and a slight mismatch in dressing would make one highly recognizable. To blend in completely with the locals in Paris, there are some dressing tips that you need to know, and these will get you started off on the right foot. If you want to walk down the streets of Paris like the champ you are, you need to keenly master the major Paris fashion style norms. These will enable you to pull off that classic Paris look. So keep these tips in mind while packing;

Leave behind any sweatpants, flip-flops, baseball caps and white sneakers. Though Parisians are known to be quite stylish, that doesn’t mean that they love extravagant outfits. You are likely to see some locals donned on some casual jeans combined with an up-and-coming designer T-shirt or top, ballerina flats or Converse. Paris locals also love their blazers and trench coats. Throw in a long scarf if you’re a lady and you’ll blend in perfectly. Scarves are common for men too. So men, if you’re in Paris during the chilly season, you don’t have to be afraid to bundle up.

Avoid bright colors as they are a dead giveaway for foreigners. Locals love to stick to dark gray, navy or black in the winter. This rule applies to kids too. You will rarely see Parisian kids in brightly colored outfits. In fact, one of the ways through which the locals recognize visitors is through their funny, loud attire. If you love patterned clothes, let it be the sailor stripe since its very much en vogue- in all seasons.
Another basic that you should carry is a scarf. Scarves are popular all year-round in Paris. In Paris, a scarf is viewed as being more of a fashion statement than a tool for conquering the cold weather. So simply thrown on a scarf and it will instantly give you that Paris look. You’re better off if you have a fashionable one which is right for the season. If you don’t have a suitable one, you don’t have to panic as shopping for one from the iconic Paris accessories might be great fun while you’re there.

Have fun on your trip to Paris!